Old Friends Care Monthly Newsletter - Summer 2019

This Newsletter outlines everything that has happened during the last few months at Old Friends Care, from Staff Appreciations to Training and Anniversarys to Events!

Old Friends Care received our routine Inspection from the Care Quality Commision in June 2019! 

From the 26th to the 28th of June 2019, Old Friends Care were subject to a routine CQC inspection and we have recently recieved our updated report back, as a company we are overjoyed with the feedback we received and we are extremely proud of our achievement! Our inspection report gave us an overall Service Rating as 'Good' and we are very happy to announce that we have acheived the highest rating of 'Outstanding' within the 'Caring' category from the CQC. Just a small percentage of home care services achieve the highest score and we are in that percentage!

CQC carry out their inspections centred upon 5 key areas (Safe, Caring, Effective, Responsive and Well-led) and one of the focus questions they aimed to answer during their inspection at Old Friends Care was 'Is the service Caring?'. Our inspection report stated that 'At the last inspection this key question was rated as Good. At this inspection this key question has now improved to Outstanding. This meant people were truly respected and valued as individuals; and empowered as partners in their care in an exceptional service.'

"The 'Outstanding' rating and the many lovely comments received from our service users and staff confirm our approach is valued. We employ amazing carers who are caring and compassionate and go out of their way to improve their service users lives. Its exactly how we envisaged the service being and we are truly putting the care back into caring and I am delighted that this has been recognised by CQC. We are proud of the home grown Management team as they show passion and give there full commitment to ensure the people who use are services get the highest Quality of Care. It was also mentioned in the CQC report how the staff appreciated the support they receive from Old Friends Management team with one carer stating, 'working for Old Friends has been life changing.' We are beyond thrilled to receive the new ratings, and I would personally like to thank our team of dedicated carers for their hard work. From the report it shows how much you do for the service users by going above and beyond. We are immensely proud of you all." - A Statement from our Management Team 

The full CQC Inspection Report for Old Friends Care is now Available to read online at cqc.org.uk. To go to the Old Friends Care report directly, you can follow the live link on the bottom of the Home Page of our Website. 

Chris Meyer Celebrates 20 years at Old Friends Care! 

On the 3rd of July, Chris Meyer celebrated her 20 year anniversary of working at Old Friends Care. Chris is an extremely hard-working Carer who is loved by all and we are proud to have her in our company. Chris celebrated her achievement at our Offices alongside her colleagues and we ensured that her loyalty was recognised appropriately. Chris, we would like to take this oppurtunity to say a massive Thank You for all your dedication and hard-work! We look forward to spending many more years with you here at Old Friends Care! 

Positvity Training Programme Summer 2019 

All of our Carers have been invovled in a Positivity Training Session over the last few weeks following a recent realisation that our Carers deserve more recongition for the extra things that they do every day for our Service Users. Although these things are outside of their job role, the large majority of our staff all provided us with examples of how they have gone Above and Beyond for their Service Users in order to provide them with the care they deserve. The feedback we have received from our sessions has indicated how rewarding care-work can be as all of our staff are passionate about the amazing work they do every day for those that deserve it the most. It is clear that our Service Users and Carers have incredible relationships and bonds with each other, which has enabled our company to consistently provide the best care we possibly can. Thus, our Positivity Training Sessions have enabled us to recognise and appreciate all the staff at Old Friends Care. We are extremely proud of our Staff and the amazing Care work that they provide for our Service Users on a daily basis across Redditch. 

Therefore, we would like to congratulate all of our Carers for the little things that they do every day that provides our Service Users with the best quality of care possible!


For more information about our Positivity Training Sessions and the Feedback we received from our Carers, please read the Positivity Training Summer 2019 Newsletter on our News page. 

ReSPECT Training at Old Friends Care 2019

ReSPECT is a recent and topical training programme surrounding an individual's right to make decisions in advance regarding their emergency medial care. ReSPECTencourages people to plan ahead for their care and treatment in a future emergency in which they are unable to make decisions.ReSPECT is an alternative process for discussing, making and recording recommendations about future emergency care and treatment, including CPR. ReSPECT requires an individual to fill out a form like the one pictured below regarding their preferences in future medical emergencies. 

From April to June we had our first wave of ReSPECT Training at Old Friends Care. Now, 1 in 4 of our staff members (Carers and Management Team) are trained in ReSPECT so we can offer advice and information regarding this programme. We are also equipped to deal with individuals with specific preferences regarding their future emergency care, for example we consider the importance of our service users to make decisions for themselves if they are receiving End of Life care such as their choice to not receive CPR.

To find out more about ReSPECT we encoourage you to:

  1. Visit www.respectprocess.org.uk
  2. Download the app (the ReSPECT app provides interactive training for carers, family members and indiviudals who may be interested in filling a ReSPECT form in)
  3. Read the step-by-step guide located on the ReSPECT website

One of our Service Users, David, received an award from the WhereNext? charity!

On the 23rd of July, David was presented with an award for his 30 years of Service at the WhereNext? Charity in Redditch. David's Primary Carer, our Manager and our Deputy Manager all had the privledge of attending the Awards Ceremony this month and we would like to take this oppurtunity to congratulate David for this outstanding achievement on behalf of everyone at Old Friends Care. 

New Staff Achievements!

Over the Summer, we have welcomed a wave of new staff members at Old Friends Care. Our new carers have succeeded in both their induction training and within the community. All of our new carers are subject to a 3 month probation period within the community so that we can ensure they feel comfortable in their new role. We would like to congratulate two of our new carers who have passed their probationary period! 

Congratulations to Jenny Dormer for passing her Probation with Distiniction and to Sanya Akhtar for passing her Probation with Merit! Well done to you both and thank you for all your hard work over the past few months. We look forward to working alongside you in the future and we wish you all the luck in your new role within our Old Friends Care community!

Our 'Word of the Month' over Summer 2019!

Over the past few months, Old Friends Care have focused on a new word every month as a company to raise awareness amongst our staff regarding the importance of the various aspects of domicillary care that we value most as a company. Our words have been, Indvidual, Respect and our most recent word of the month for August is 'Dignity'. We have created a word cloud below to illustate the words that are most used in our community and to demonstare the values we recognise as most important when delivering the highest quality of personal care! 

Congratulations to Claire on the safe arrival of her new Baby Boy!

On the 16th of August Claire, welcomed her new Baby Boy into the world! Claire is currently enjoying her time at home with her new arrival and we hope that you take this time to get all the rest you deserve. We hope that you enjoyed your gifts from everyone at Old Friends Care and we want to thank you for all your hard work in the community. Congratultions from everyone at Old Friends and we wish you all the best! 


Kevin, our Director, Celebrates his 60th Birthday!

Happy 60th Birthday to Kevin McNally from everyone at Old Friends Care! On the 15th of July, Kevin turned 60, we celebrated his Birthday at our Offices and we all hope he had a lovely day with his family. 

Service User Focus Group

We are looking to lauch a focus group for our Service Users, this will be an oppurtunity for you and your family members to provide us with feedback regarding your care. It will consist of an open discussion group on a regular basis at an agreed location and time. Please register your interest in this group by contacting the office, once we know how many people will be attending, a time for the first meeting will be arranged accordingly. You can contact us via email or telephone, we look forward to hearing from you!