Covid-19 Community Update

Covid-19 Community Update at Old Friends Care

We would like to take this oppurtunity to update you all with some of the positive things occuring in our community during this time and thank everyone who has continued to support our Service Users. We have seen efforts and dedication for local residents, service users and our care staff in ensuring that safety and morale are upheld throughout this pandemic. 

Old Friends Care Appreciation Raffle for our Carers


This week we have been hosting a raffle for our Care staff, you will have all received a letter, an individual raffle number to indicate your ticket and a special certificate of appreciation. This is to thank you for your inspiring attidues, community spirit and determination to continue delivering high quality care across Redditch. 5 of our Carers have been selected out of a hat to receive a prize on behalf of the company as a token of our gratitude and recognition. Five carers have been recorded upon arrival at office so that they can deliver messages of support before anonymously selecting a ticket out of the hat to determine who has won the 5 prizes. 

Those who have won the prize will be recieving a bonus in next months wages. The following names are the 5 winners of the raffle draw: 

Chris Meyer 

Jenny Dormer 

Jess Prasertsri 

Collette Smith 

Jenny Howell 

A special congratulations to those of you that have won the prize draw, we hope you all have the oppurtunity to enjoy your bonus next month. We would like to thank those of you that participated in the prize draw, your videos will all be uploaded to facebook as announcments of those that have won. We would also like to thank every single one of our Carers who are working hard in the community, we know this is a difficult time for you all and you have all strived to reassure your vulnerable Service Users despite your own worries. We urge you all to keep checking for updates on the website, please follow our Facebook Page for the most up-to-date announcements and appreication posts relating to our staff. 

3D Printed Headbands and Face Screens

On Wednesday we were visited by Ken McMullan, a local Redditch resident who has began using his 3D printer to supply key workers in Redditch with PPE. 

Ken contacted us this week and asked us if we are in need of any Facial Shields and he told us he would be able to donate and deliver some shields for our Care staff within 24 hours. 
We were pleasantly surprised by Ken's generosity and his dedication to supply Redditch key workers with PPE so that they can continue to safely work in the community. 
When Ken turned up the same day with enough Shields for every single member of our care team to have their own individual masks we were completely blown away! 

We are therefore happy to announce that you can now all come to collect your own Facial Shield from the Office when you come to restock your PPE. 
Your Facial shield can be cleaned. For the Face Screen use warm soapy water. The Headband requires more care, you cannot use commercial disinfectant to clean the band as it cannot tolerate these chemicals. Use Isopropyl Alcohol to clean the headband if you need to. 

Please have a look at Ken's page below and share some of his efforts on your own Facebook:

Ken's efforts have been crowdfunded so that he was able to purchase more machines and equipment in order to continue supplying masks. Ken has asked us to distribute the following donation link so that PPE can continue to be manufactured for our local key workers in Redditch:…

We would like to say a big thank you to Ken, his team and his family for this heartfelt donation and for their dedication in ensuring that our Care workers can keep themselves and our Service Users safe during the pandemic.

We have stocks of PPE at our offices for Staff to collect at any time, we currently have stocks of Hand Sanitiser, Gloves, Aprons, Face Masks and now Face Shields. Our management team have been working hard since the begining of this pandemic to maintain our PPE stock levels and distirbuting them to all of our Care Staff. Ken has helped us tremenodusly as face shields were the one item of PPE we have been unable to order. We are urging our carers to come and collect their face shields as soon as possible. 

Face Shields are an added layer of protection for both our staff and Service Users, we urge you to maintain their hygiene. 

Well done to you all working in the community and Ken for his outstanding efforts to distibute PPE to key workers across Redditch. 

Ken has surprised us all and delivered a further 30 masks to our offices on the week of the 18th of May! This has enabled a replinshment of our stocks and we are again all very grateful for Ken's donations during this difficult time. 


Anti-Bacterial Wipe Donation from Rockline! 

On the 7th of May Rockline donated several boxes of anti-bacterial wipes to our offices. Lynne Woodward, a Customer Service Leader at Rockline contatced us directly offering to donate a number of wipes to us. Rockline operate locally in Redditch and they are currently supporting local businesses through the supply of anti-bacterial wipes during the pandemic. 

We are now in the position in which we can distribute a pack of wipes to each of our Carers so that they each have their own individual packs to take round during their shifts, we are adivising our Carers to clean their face shields with these wipes between each call they attend. This is a perfect way of maintaining the face shield hygiene and integirty whilst also minimising the spread of infection. 

We would like to Thank Rockline and Lynne for reaching out to us and for their generous donation during this difficutlt time, we are now in a better positon to tackle this as a company and the kindness that has been demonstrated to us on a local basis has been paramount throughout this entire pandemic. Local companies who have offered their support and donations to use regarding the distribution of PPE during this time have contibutred considerably to our ability to ensure that our Staff and Service Users are kept safe in our community.