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Helena McNally 
Managing Director 
Helena is the Owner, Managing Director and establisher of Old Friends Care Ltd. As a family run business, Helena is proud to say that Old Friends Care remains an independent care provider in Redditch. 
Helena was a Registered General Nurse for 15 years and worked her way towards becoming a Nursing Sister at the Alexandra Hospital in Redditch. During her years at the Hospital, Helena dedicated much of her time to the care and rehabilitation of elderly people. This passion is what inspired Helena to leave her Nursing Career behind and establish Old Friends Care as a business in 1994. 
Kevin McNally 
Helena’s Husband, Kevin has always taken an interest in the progression of Old Friends Care but following his retirement he joined the company as a Director in order to take a more active role in the business. 
Kevin completed 30 years of service in the Police Force and retired as a Police Sergeant after spending most of his career in charge of a Local Community Police Station in Redditch. Kevin has vast experience in dealing with vulnerable adults and safeguarding issues as Kevin has also served on the Worcestershire Adults Safeguarding Board. 
Kevin joined the business following his retirement so that he could transfer his knowledge, training and experiences to strategic areas of the company. Kevin is passionate about the development of strict policies, procedures and management techniques as a way of demonstrating accountability, safe practice and staff welfare. 
Vivienne Rogers 
Registered Manager 
Viv joined Old Friends Care in 2009 as a Carer, having never worked in care before and looking for a complete career change. Viv excelled in her role, she quickly worked her way up the ranks and was promoted to Manager within 3 years of working at Old Friends Care. 
Viv was promoted to Team Leader and then Supervisor soon after joining the Company due to her performance, potential and professional ability. In 2012, Viv advanced to the role of Manager and was then appointed as the Registered Manager in 2019. Viv has over ten years’ experience in domiciliary care and vast numbers of qualifications that equip her to deal with your queries, requests and needs. 
Viv has completed her PETALS and DOLS training, Train the Trainer course and her Level 5 NVQ in Leadership for Health and Social Care and Children and Young People’s Services. Viv also has a QNUK Award in Principles of Safe Administration of Medication in Health and Social Care. This means that Viv is qualified to manage complex areas of Health and Social Care and she is also able to train Carers and other Staff members to the highest standard. 
Samantha Barker 
Deputy Manager 
Sam worked as a Carer for Old Friends Care for 7 years before becoming a Supervisor in 2017. Sam excelled in this role and was quickly appointed as the Deputy Manager following her excellent adaption to her office-based role. 
With several years’ experience as a Carer in our community, Sam is able to use her skills and apply these to her leadership techniques and customer service. Sam focuses on ensuring that our Service Users have a smooth transition into commencing their care package with us. Sam will be the first person you meet from Old Friends Care, as she is responsible for setting up all of our new care packages; she will visit you in your home, discuss your options and recommend services to you in a free non-obligatory visit. 
Sam is qualified to train staff; she has her Level 3 NVQ and is a recognised Risk Assessor following extensive training to achieve this. This means that Sam is equipped with both experience, knowledge and the relevant qualifications to commence and oversee your care package from the moment you meet us. 
Sarann Maguire 
Training Officer 
Sarann was promoted to Supervisor in 2014, two years after she started working as a Carer for Old Friends Care. Sarann has extensive experience in providing domiciliary care across Redditch and worked her way through the company alongside completing relevant qualifications in order to become our Training Officer. 
One of Sarann’s greatest achievements is her Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training, this qualifies her to teach and train our Staff on all aspects of the company, induction training, refresher courses and our expectations. Sarann supervises all Inductees throughout their initial training programme to ensure they feel confident and equipped to begin caring in our community. 
Sarann enjoys planning regular staff meetings and interactive training days for all of our Carers to attend, these are fun-filled days that provide Carers with a new focus and a refresher on a particular topic of domiciliary care. Sarann is proud that she worked her way from Carer to Training Officer as this has given her invaluable knowledge that she can pass onto all of our new staff as she herself has experienced the Old Friends Care ethos from the beginning of her career. 
Stuart Harris 
Payroll Officer 
With a BSc Mathematics Degree and an EDI Employment Qualification, Stuart is responsible for overseeing all payroll queries and managing the monthly task of ensuring all wages are correct. 
Stuart has an abundance of knowledge in relation to employment, payroll and the legal constraints that we adhere to as a business. He is here to answer all queries and reassure our Staff about any payroll concerns they may have. Stu monitors all Annual Leave requests, changes of availability and working patterns. As our Payroll Officer, Stuart is experienced in overseeing the allocation of paperwork and advice to employees who are on maternity leave, starting the company or experiencing a change in circumstances. 
Stu has worked for Old Friends Care in our payroll department for several years and so he is able to deal with anything in relation to managing finances within a domiciliary care company. Stu calculates all wages and all of the additional benefits that our employees receive, including paid mileage for their travel calculated at a per mile rate. 
Rachael O’Connor 
Care Co-ordinator 
As our newest recruit, Rachael has enjoyed her transition into the Old Friends Care Management team after many years of experience in customer service. Rachael joined the company in 2020 and she is responsible for coordinating all of your visits across Redditch. 
Rachael is passionate about customer care and delivering a quality service, with vast experience in Recruitment and Administration. Her previous roles as a Resource Consultant and Project Coordinator have allowed Rachael to develop extensive experience in a professional environment in which she must allocate staff, resources and implement strategic planning. 
Rachael is eager to build up good relationships with all of our staff and Service Users to ensure that everyone has the best experience possible with Old Friends Care. With an extensive career in customer service and coordinating, Rachael has also spent time working abroad in Gran Canaria which provided her with an excellent opportunity to develop her skills. Rachael has a diverse range of practical experience and knowledge that she is looking forward to transfer to her new role. 
Faye Cross 
Community Support Officer 
Faye recently re-joined Old Friends Care as our Community Support Officer. Faye oversees all of our Annual Reviews so she will be visiting you once a year to discuss your care package and our services. 
Faye has several years’ experience in the Health & Social Care sector, she has previously worked as both a domiciliary Carer and within a Care Home setting. This allows Faye to have an open-minded and professional approach with everyone she meets. As a Community Support Officer, Faye’s main role is to oversee the quality of the care we provide and regularly liaise with Staff, Service Users and professionals to ensure that everything is running as it should be. 
Faye is also a member of our Out of Hours Support Team; she is available to help you with any immediate issues whilst the office is closed, and she is fully equipped to deal with complex emergencies. Faye is a trained Risk Assessor and she has her NVQ Level 2, she is passionate about delivering safe and suitable care to all. Faye will visit you regularly to ensure that you are happy with your care and that we have met your expectations during your time with us. 
Amy Powell 
Strategic Support and Compliance Manager 
Amy began her Old Friends Care journey as a Carer in 2012 and spent several years delivering high standards of care. In 2019, a new role was developed, and Amy was promoted to be a Community Mentor. 
The role of a Community Mentor has evolved since its implementation and Amy has worked tirelessly to ensure her role as Mentor has been impactful, positive and purposeful. Amy oversees all of our new Carers in the community for their 3-month Probationary Period to ensure they are settling into their new career and receive the support they need from our team. 
Amy works in the Office during the week and is responsible for all Staff supervisions, appraisals and overseeing performance. Amy is also part of our Out of Hours Team which means she deals with emergencies and is available to resolve any queries when the main office is closed. Amy is passionate about ensuring that all of our policies and standards are adhered to at all times throughout our community in order to reassure you that you will always receive the best service we can offer. 
Claire Guest 
Out of Hours Community Support Officer 
Claire is a valued and experience member of our Out of Hours Support Team; Claire has worked for Old Friends Care for several years and was promoted in 2016. Claire has many years’ experience in dealing with emergency scenarios and queries whilst providing Out of Hours Support. 
Claire’s ability to answer all queries and remain professional, is what makes her an excellent Out of Hours Community Support Officer. Claire promotes and maintains a positive community; she is able to effectively manage our staff whilst they are working outside of office hours. 
Claire monitors the performance of our Carers whilst working Out of Hours, to ensure that you are always reassured that you are getting the highest standard of service regardless of whether the Office is closed. Claire is looking forward to ensuring that you are receiving the best care and to supporting all of our Staff in the community. 
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