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An overview of the Services provided by Old Friends Care 

We pride ourselves on our bespoke care services that are unique to you and your needs.  
Here is an overview of the services we provide and the areas we specialise in, for more information regarding a specific service please get in touch with our team. 

Dementia and Mental Health 

All of our Carers are trained to care for those with Dementia and other Mental Health Conditions. At Old Friends Care, we recognise the importance of the ability to make choices and maintain relationships despite living with dementia or other mental health conditions. 

Learning Difficulties 

We provide services to adults who live with a range of learning disabilities, including autism. We understand that every individual will have specific needs and we appreciate the benefit of social inclusion and encouraging independence. 


Providing care to those aged 65+ is our passion. We believe in promoting independence in elderly adults as a way of enabling you to maintain your current and preferred lifestyle. We can assist with any mobility difficulties you may have. 

Palliative & End of Life Care 

Old Friends Care Ltd are proud to offer bespoke and dignified End of Life Care. We are able to tailor our approach to you and training is provided to all of our staff. We are passionate about supporting the individual, but also their family and friends during this time. 

Social Inclusion 

Our Social Inclusion service can consist of a variety of tasks, including engagement with the community, socialising, outings, shopping, support with appointments and building up a relationship with your Cares on days out and trips. 

Overnight Sits 

One Service you may not be aware of that we offer is our Overnight Sits. These last from 10pm to 7am and the Carer can either be awake or asleep for this time. It is a great way to provide overnight support for individuals who are End of Life and those who live alone. 

Sensory Impairments 

Old Friends Care Ltd specialise in delivering care to those who suffer with mild to severe sensory impairments. This includes blind, deaf and non-verbal individuals who may find communicating difficult or struggle with domestic tasks due to their impairment. 

Shopping & Cleaning 

At Old Friends Care, we appreciate that shopping for yourself and keeping on top of domestic duties if you require additional support can be difficult and sometimes daunting. That is why our team are trained to clean and shop for you. 

Flexible Breaks & Errands 

Our Flexible Breaks are designed to give family members who care for a loved one some respite and time to do the things that they may miss out on. We are also able to run errands for you, including collecting prescriptions, laundry, cashing pensions and more. 

A bit about Bespoke 

We embrace choice and independence at Old Friends Care, so we are proud to offer flexible care planning for our Service Users. This enables you to choose any of our following services or options to incorporate into your Care Package based upon your preferences and lifestyle. 
You can select the times, length and occurrence of your home visits. We offer our daytime services every day of the week from 7am to 10pm, with room for flexibility where possible. Our visits range from 30 minutes to 90 minutes on average, depending upon your needs and these can be extended if required. We offer Morning, Lunch, Tea and Tuck calls so we can visit you up to 4 times regularly every day. 
We visit you as much or as little as you prefer, if you only require one visit a week for help with domestic duties, we are more than happy to provide this. However, individuals with more complex needs can receive 4 home visits a day, a Sit that lasts several hours during the day and an overnight sit. 
Our home visits can consist of a variety of services and you specify what you would like the Carers to do for you at every call. This can be personal care, shopping, cleaning, food and drink preparation, eating encouragement, promoting independence, medication administration or social inclusion. 
We also offer Social Inclusion visits and Sitting visits. These can last several hours, and we can accommodate several sits a week if you like. These calls can involve encouragement to engage with the community, outings, shopping, support with appointment and more. These types of visits are a perfect opportunity to provide respite or a Flexible Break to family members and loved ones who may provide care 24/7 to the individual. 
You also have the opportunity to accommodate any preferences you may have regarding your Carer’s gender, age and specialisms. You will have the chance to request specific Carers and update these preferences throughout your package. 
This is just an insight into the services and options available, we have a fantastic team who are happy to recommend a Care Package that will suit you and your lifestyle. No request is ever too much! 
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